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43rd Annual SAPICS Virtual Conference is the Leading Event for Supply Chain Professionals



The 43rd Annual SAPICS Conference offers a world-class virtual event from 24 – 26 August 2021. This important conference allows supply chain professionals to grow their network, find solutions to problems, learn about new products and services on offer in South Africa and advance your career.

The theme this year is “Refine, Rebuild, Reconnect.” The conference offers unrivalled learning, skills development and knowledge sharing opportunities. Supply chains globally have been challenged greatly. Some need to be completely re-built, others survived better; but the wise know that supply chains continuously need to be re-invented. By reconnecting at SAPICS 2021, supply chain professionals from around South Africa and the rest of the globe can share insights and learn from each other. The goal is to ensure that global supply chains are resilient and able to keep the world turning.

The event promises to be a virtual feast of supply chain knowledge sharing and networking opportunities!

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Press Releases

The finalists for 2021 Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards



The finalists of the 4th annual Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards have been revealed. The awards – presented in partnership with Fetola, Cold Press Media and Arena Holdings, and sponsored by Absa, showcase supplier development best practice, and celebrate the efforts of large South African companies. These companies have committed themselves to building thriving, inclusive and transformed supply chains.

“Whilst we are going through challenging times, which have been made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic, enterprise and supplier development presents a golden opportunity to develop resilience in supply chains and strengthen ecosystems,” says Vusi Fele, chief procurement officer at Absa.

Finalists for 2021

The 2021 finalists (audited by BDO South Africa) are:

• Anglo American Zimele

• Bidvest Afcom

• Sanlam Foundation

• Sanofi Aventis South Africa

• Distell Group

• Spar South Africa

• Empact Group

• Tiger Brands

• Exxaro Resources Limited

• Fidelity Services Group

• Government Employees Medical Scheme (Gems)

• Ithuba National Lottery

• Uyandiswa Project Management Services

• V&A Waterfront

• Wunderman Thompson

Winners of the Absa Business Day Supplier Development Awards will be announced on 18 November 2021 via a hybrid gala event and digital announcement. The awards are complemented by a series of free digitised workshops for insiders who are part of the SD ecosystem

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Competition Commission approves important courier industry acquisition



The announcement ensures the retention of jobs and increases access to deliveries in regional and rural areas

The Competition Commission has approved the acquisition of Fast+Furious by DPD Laser. The announcement is big news in an industry rapidly consolidating to cope with the demands of South African e-commerce due to the pandemic and its ongoing lockdowns. Most importantly, the acquisition is a key signal that, while South Africa may be struggling with record unemployment, some sectors are growing beyond expectation to satisfy the demands of new digitally driven markets and South Africa’s awakening to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The acquisition is expected to notably increase DPD Laser’s presence and influence in the express distribution market. 

DPD Laser’s majority shareholder, the DPDgroup, operates in 49 countries worldwide and has been a lead player in the European distribution market for many years largely as a consequence of its specialisation and innovation in the e-Commerce market. Benjamin Demogé, Executive Vice President at DPDgroup, emphasises, “The e-commerce boom has fast tracked market development in Europe by 3 to 4 years, accelerating the shift from BtoB to BtoC and sets the stage for a future centered around the consumer. This shift is not limited to Europe or developed markets and we expect the same in South Africa. Hence our support of the acquisition of Fast+Furious and DPDgroup’s further investment.” 

The acquisition augments DPD Laser’s network and resources and the company now employs over 1500 people and has a dedicated fleet across the country.  Anton Visagie, DPD Laser’s CEO explains, “Network expansion is necessary to support the increased scale of business and we are actively opening new branches and hubs in more towns and districts across the country.  And now that the transaction is officially concluded we will be activating the consolidation of our larger branches and moving to bigger and purpose built distribution facilities in all of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. This is an important step for us as we will rapidly increase efficiencies whilst substantially enhancing our productivity and quality of service.”

Both DPD Laser and Fast+Furious have had some notable success in securing new customers in recent months. Jason Lombard, DPD Laser COO, notes, “Both our businesses did really well prior to the acquisition. And, with this in mind, our single-minded focus as we come together is the successful integration of the two businesses, uninterrupted customer experience and ease of doing business. This really matters in the evolving online space and we are absolutely committed to retaining or enhancing service to all our customers.  This means the roll-out of one brand in the coming months, the uniting of two winning cultures of execution and performance into one, and the expansion from 15 branches to more than 25 nationally.”

Anton Visagie adds, “We have made good use of the time that passed while we waited for the Competition Commission approval. Planning the IT integration of both systems to ensure faster and more efficient collection and delivery processes as well as identifying more regional or remote areas where future representation is necessary.” Philip Hayes, Director of DPD Laser and CEO of The Laser Group is more philosophical about the transaction announcement: “What I find so exciting about this announcement is that it signals further prosperity for South Africa and its businesses and people.  A further investment from a major European business, further consolidation in a market that is desperately trying to cope with a buoyant and growing online retail marketplace, the saving of jobs and inevitably the creation of more jobs in the near future. Is this not exactly what we need in this country right now? Without this international interest, and without embracing these new markets and adapting to them, we will stagnate, and that is not an option for our country.  Laser’s partnering with DPDgroup over the last 15 years has illustrated what can be achieved if local business inspires outside investors to continue their contribution to the growth of our amazing country and its people,” he concludes.

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DB and Siemens launch world’s first automatic train in Germany



Deutsche Bahn (DB), in partnership with Siemens Mobility, has developed the world’s first fully automated driverless train in Germany.

This train made its debut under the Digital S-Bahn Hamburg project, which is part of DB’s Digital Rail Germany project.

It made its premiere run at the launch of the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress (ITS) in Hamburg.

Controlled by digital technology, the S-Bahn train has the ability to carry out operations, such as shunting, in the absence of on-board personnel.

However, a driver will be present to manage the journey with commuters on board.

During the congress, four digital S-Bahn trains will run automatically on the 23km segment of the S-Bahn Line 21 between the Bergedorf/Aumühle and Berliner Tor stations.

The train’s digital operations are in line with the future European Automatic Train Operation (ATO) standard and supported by the European Train Control System (ETCS).

Siemens CEO Dr Roland Busch said: “We are making rail transport more intelligent. Trains drive the perfect timetable automatically, accurate to the second and energy-optimised. This way, we are supporting our partner Deutsche Bahn in its goal of making train travel more attractive and protecting the climate.

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